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Production And Marketing Officer
Job Type: FullTime
positions: 1
Deadline: 16th October, 2023

The Production and Marketing Officer will be responsible for technical oversight and optimizing the agricultural production processes by target beneficiaries, as well as developing and implementing marketing strategies to promote agricultural products effectively. She/he will assist the project team in identifying potential pro-poor value chains, the key constraints, and design value chain development strategies.


Position Responsibilities and Duties:


  • Develop project operational plans and detailed strategies for the effective implementation of Enhancing food security and nutritional outcomes for vulnerable women and children in West Nile, Northern Uganda.
  • Participate in beneficiary screening, and selection, ensuring inclusivity and diversity.
  • Promote sustainable and productive agroecology farming systems (permaculture, agroforestry etc.) to ensure sustainable food system and community resilience building.
  • Collaborate with the research and development team to identify and adopt innovative production techniques.
  • Design and deliver training programs on relevant skills such as good agronomic practices, nutrition sensitive climate smart agriculture, postharvest handling & value addition, farming as a business, financial literacy, and other soft skills.
  • Conduct regular assessments and surveys to measure the effectiveness of the training initiatives and gather feedback for improvement.
  • Provide routine technical support to the target beneficiaries and other DCA team.
  • Liaise with local quality inputs suppliers, processors, off-takers/buyers, distributers, and other service providers for effective and coordinator value chain development.
  • Organize workshops, conferences, networking events and knowledge-sharing sessions to enhance the skills and knowledge of project staff and partners and foster collaboration.
  • Collect and analyse data related to agricultural production and marketing performance.
  • Prepare timely reports on project activities, outcomes, and challenges encountered, highlighting key achievements and recommendations.



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Yumbe, Uganda
VP Of Marketing
Job Type: FullTime
positions: 1
Deadline: 7th October, 2023

Job Summary:

As the VP of Marketing at SafeBoda, you will be at the helm of our marketing team, steering the company towards impressive growth and brand development. Your role will be pivotal in scaling our services while focusing on customer acquisition, retention, and resurrection.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Strategic Leadership: Craft and guide strategies that reflect SafeBoda's values; encourage innovative ideas and contribute to the company's broader strategy.
  • Team Management: Develop team skills and foster a collaborative working environment.
  • Data Analysis: Lead in understanding market trends and customer needs to inform business strategies.
  • Customer Acquisition, Retention, & Resurrection: Create targeted marketing campaigns based on customer segments while establishing a continuous feedback loop to understand their needs.
  • Brand Development: Shape SafeBoda's story and safeguard our reputation.
  • Collaboration & Partnerships: Facilitate cooperation across departments and build beneficial external partnerships.
  • Budget Management: Manage budgets with a keen eye on ROI, balancing CAC and LTV effectively.
  • Product Marketing: Strong understanding of facilitating go-to-market strategy for various products.

Company Values

  • Community – we started as a small community of Boda drivers and we will never forget this. We share lunch and we care about our community of staff, drivers, entrepreneurs, and customers.
  • Innovation – we challenge the status quo and believe positive change is possible. We bring solutions that constantly require us to think out of the box.
  • Transparency – We are open-minded in what we do. We have candour and share our experiences openly without fear of judgement. We love feedback on our product and our performance so that we can improve every day.
  • Safety – if we don’t care about safety ourselves, then how can we change our industry for the better?
  • Trust – we expect customers to trust our drivers and entrepreneurs, so we need to trust one another in everything we do.
  • Integrity - We hold ourselves to the highest standard and we are accountable for our actions. We deliver what we say we will deliver.
  • Collective Commitment - teams and entrepreneurs are allowed to disagree while a decision is being made; however, everybody must commit to it once a decision has been made. “I agree and I commit, I disagree and I commit”.

Ready for the Challenge?

Send an email to, and CC, attaching your CV and a Cover Letter indicating why you are the right fit for the role. Please use "VP of Marketing” as the email subject.

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Kampala, Uganda